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Dr. Langston


I came to see Dr. Doughty and started care in January 2009. I have had left shoulder, neck and hip trouble for over a year. I have been sent for X- Rays, MRI’s and had several different types of medications but nothing seemed to give me any relief at all.   Since beginning upper cervical adjustments, I no longer have restless legs. My back, neck and hips are beginning to improve as well. Thank You, Dr. Doughty for all you do!!

“Doing thing one step at a time.”    
Ann Brawner


I had lower back pain and pain in my right leg. I have had the back pain off and on for years. I have had the right leg problem about one year and it was getting worse. I have seen a lot of different doctors taken a lot of different medicines mostly Tylenol.

Upper Cervical Care has helped me a lot since coming here. It is great not to have any back pain. And my leg is getting better. My walking has improved and I’m really feeling good.

Joyce Cantrell


I came to see Dr. Doughty and started care in September 2001. I have had many health problems all my life I have suffered from chronic intestinal pseudo obstruction disease, questionable cystic fibrosis, very frequent sinus and ear infection, bronchitis, pneumonia, bradycardia, and severe back pain. Most of these problems began at birth and worsened as time went on. I have been in and out of doctors offices and hospitals all of my life. I have also been put on many medications.

Since beginning upper cervical adjustments, I have had a lot less infections. I have been able to gain a little weight and I feel a lot better. I’m back in school and able to play sports. I also no longer take medications. Instead, I’m taking vitamin C.

“I feel better now than I can ever remember. I am so thankful to God for leading me to Dr. Doughty.”                              
Roger Kirby


I came to see Dr. Doughty and started care in March 2009. I was beaten up really bad in July of 2008 so severally that I had to stay in the hospital for eight weeks. I couldn’t use my hand, arm, or even move my shoulder. When I bathed I could not reach across to wash my left arm. After being released from the hospital I could hardly walk I had to have a lot of help. Since beginning upper cervical care, I can now use my shoulder, arm, and hand. I can walk without dragging my right leg and foot I can also drive and do a little mechanic work

“Thank you so very much Dr. Doughty for all you have done to help me achieve this.”    

Terry Chatman


I just wanted to thank Dr. Langston. For the last 5 to 6 months I haven’t hurt or had as much pain as I’ve had over the last 20 years. Usually once ever month I would get down in my legs or lower back. Since starting treatment at LaGrange Clinic I now have a whole different story.

“Thanks Dr. Langston.”    

Tony Jennings


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