Dr. Langston has been treating patients for six years and began treating fibromyalgia patients three years ago. He did his undergraduate work at East Carolina University and did his Doctorate at Life University in Marietta, GA

After receiving his Doctorate from Life University, he completed his Post-Doctorate Masters degree in KCUCS which is a technique used in his office to treat these severe cases. This particular Upper Cervical Technique became a major factor to his success in his office.

He went on to research and treat hundreds of cases in his clinic before being identified within his field as a success with fibromyalgia patients.

Dr. Langston served as President of Fibromyalgia Centers of America from 2007 to 2012, a group that trains other doctors to successfully treat fibromyalgia. Using the techniques he uses daily, he’s dedicated to helping other doctors successfully treat fibromyalgia cases in their area. His heart is for health and success for his patients.

Please take a moment to watch the informative video below, outlining success stories and the techniques used in treating fibromyalgia. You may also want to visit the link for more information on treatment or to sign up for the free newsletter.




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